Who is Ray Salisbury, and why should I trust him?


Raymond Salisbury is an experienced & qualified graphic designer. He has been employed in a wide range of design, publishing & media enterprises over 3 decades. Check the ABOUT page for more details.

What if I pay for a design, but don't like it?


Regular consultation with graphic designers should ensure you & he are on the same page. After the initial concepts of your design/s are visualised, you will be given opportunity to re-direct the designer as necessary. It's your business, so your input is valued.


Furthermore; as the designer is confident on delivering graphic design that will satisfy your business needs,
he is offering 33% of your money back as a guarantee, within 30 days of receiving his invoice.


Failing this, you will understand the old adage: You can please some people some of the time, but you can't please all the people all of the time. There are many more designers who may work in a style you prefer.

Do I own the artwork, or am I stuck with the same graphic design studio forever?


Yes, once you have paid for the graphic designers' work, it's all yours. A data DVD or USB Key will be forwarded to your address. As all design work is done on industry-standard Adobe software, any design studio or printer should be able to access the files and make further alterations in the future.




How will I know that my new logo design is current, and won't look out-of-date in 5 years?


The designer at Lightouse Creative has studied the history of Graphic Design, and taught logo design for 12 years. He is aware of the diverse styles around, including the current revival of retro designs.


Is your Price List honest, or are there hidden costs?

Yes, the prices are realistic and offer great value. Note that all prices are for GRAPHIC DESIGN WORK ONLY.
When you take the artwork to a printing company, they will charge you for their services.
Also, the web package prices do not include your web hosting fee and domain name registration.
While these are your responsibility, the designer will show you how to organise and pay for these on-line.


Frequently Asked Questions


To alleviate any anxiety about choosing graphic designers or a design package, listed below are the most common concerns.
If your query is not answered here, please forward your question by email.




Can I make changes to my website?

Yes, once you have paid for the design process, you will be given the password and instructed how to update the web pages yourself. This should save you time and money. However, if you prefer, Lighthouse Creative website designer can continue to maintain & update your webpages: this will be an additional, ongoing cost.



Will my website work when viewed from smart-phones, iPods or tablets?

Yes, that's the beauty of using template-based designs. Your webpages are all checked on various platforms, and simplified if necessary, to function seamlessly on mobile devices.

Do you do Search Engine Optimisation or Analytics?

Yes & No. When designing your webpages, Keywords are embedded into each page, so search engines will find them. However, if you want regular tracking of visitors, split-testing or Google Analytics used, this will cost extra, over and above the prices quoted. You may wish to employ a dedicated marketing guru for this. We can refer you to local experts in this field.


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